Success Coaching

Success Coaching

$ 249.00

Imagine being able to curl up and just talk shop with someone who’s already been there. How good would it feel to be able to just discuss the challenges that you’re facing and then get real advice (with no judgments) on how to reach your growth goals?!

Sure friends, family and spouses are great (I love you babe!) but they can only handle so much “shop-talk” and, well – the honest truth is, they’re not sure how to get this dream of yours to happen either…that’s where I come in! As a success strategist, my job is to help you build the solution and the action steps to reach your goals. 

I'm here to help you BUILD IT! 

Maybe you need to revamp your client's experience to give them something to rave about, implement a proven referral system or build a multi-funnel marketing plan - I've got you! We can do it together! 

- Or -

Maybe you are frazzled to the brink! You've been wearing to many hats for way to long and now, you're in desperate need of finding your balance bliss. First - I need you to know that you can come out of this! I've been where you are (a hot mess, sitting in a puddle of my own tears!) I went from never not working to only 20 hours a week and I was still making over 6-figures and giving my clients the wow experience they'd come to expect! I'll share exactly how I did it.  

We can discuss anything and everything. I hold nothing back and would love to be your open book. We can discuss pricing, how to tap into your target market, branding and the impact it has, marketing and sales efforts, keeping it all together and balanced, web presence, sales…My goal is to help you THRIVE.

How it Works:
 Before your strategy session, we will send you over a quick questionnaire where you can list in order of importance the topics you want to cover along with some questions to help me gauge where you are in your journey. After reading over your questionnaire, I’ll also take time to get familiar with your website and blog so that I can offer a few of my own ideas that you may not have thought of yet.

Leah typically suggests one to two hours max to start. You can schedule further consults over the weeks and months ahead as you need them.

 Strategy Sessions are virtual, for in person consult inquiries just email us. 

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